Making IoT hardware simple

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising many aspects of our working and personal lives.

At ControlBits we're dedicated to 'making IoT hardware simple' by providing off-the-shelf hardware, open source software and fully supported hardware development kits.


Our first product, the 'EMIT' (Environmental Monitoring IoT) development kit successfully completed its crowdfunding on the 3rd September 2020 and we're making the final preparations to ship our first batch of product in the next few days!

You can order yours now from CrowdSupply at:

EMIT is an IoT development kit for the popular ESP32 and contains everything you need to monitor and control your environment.

ControlBits ESP32 IoT Dev Kit

EMIT's core features includes:

  • Socket for 30-pin ESP32 DEVKITv1 board
  • An Integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • A MicroSD socket
  • 5 Amp SPST relay
  • An IO expansion socket

EMIT is available 'board only' or as a full development kit. The EMIT development kit comes with everything you need to get started including:

  • 30-pin ESP32 DEVKITv1 board
  • vented, wall-mountable enclosure
  • 8 MB MicroSD Card
  • USB Cable
For more details of EMITs features, please take our guided tour of EMIT's features.

Software & Documentation

Our goal is to make EMIT the perfect starting place for your next IoT project, regardless of your ambitions or skill level. So when we designed EMIT we also created: ... Everything you need to hit the ground running as you develop your next IoT project!

All documents and code examples are available in our GitHub repository!  


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